X-Men Days of Future Past-The Review

So Bryan Singers xmen attempt was awesome! It was extremely enjoyable. The mash up of Ratner’s old trilogy and first class’s casts blended seamlessly together. With the standouts being the past casts of the 70’s like Fassbendor, Mccavoy , and of course Hugh Jackman.

Definitely go see the film. It fixes almost all the problems I had with the last film. The best parts of the film were the scenes in the past with First Class’s X-Men. With the future scenes lacking substance and character development the film still fails to hold up as great but is still worth a watch. Overall a 7/10.


Kick Ass 2- The Review

Let us be honest the kick ass series is so bad ass. Comedy,action, and drama all in one superhero movie, need I say anymore. Go out ,buy the movie and the comics as fast as you can. All our favorite stars are back in this sequel, including Matthew Vaughn as director.

Kick Ass 2

Kick Ass Two has everything the first film had, plus way more. Kick Ass Two, starts with KickAss and Hit girl training. Aaron Taylor Johnson and Chloe mortez reprises their roles as KickAss and Hit Girl , respectfully. She has been told by her new father ,Marcus, that she no longer be Hit Girl and needs to live a real life. Dave ends up finding a group a heroes that have formed their own Justice League of sorts. With misfit heroes such as Col. Stars and Stripes, DR. Gravity and Night Bitch. Col. Stars and Stripes is played by Jim Carey and he plays the former mafia hit-man who is a born again christian. He leads the group of misfits in trying to clean up the city. We see the relationship of Hit Girl and Kick Ass fleshed out so much in this film.

Night Bitch and DR, Gravity

Col. stars and stripes


Hit Girl has a much bigger role this time though. She gets to deal with high school and everything that comes with it like boys,sleep overs and mean girls. She deals with them in only a way He dad, Big Daddy, Nick cage would approve of by giving them the shits and making them all throw up.

Hit girl / Mindy

The film turns into an all out war between heroes versus villains led by Kick ass and the motherfucker, formally the red mist, respectfully. The mother fucker has compiled a group of deranged villains. One in particular is named Mother Russia, she is a bad mother, who can take on anyone who comes her way.He and his group of bad guys  completely destroy Kick Ass’s life. Without ruining anything. I will just say it does not all end well for him. Everything and everyone he loves is put to the test and we see Dave grow up a lot.

The film concludes with the war that has been building up between the two groups, and obviously sets up for another KickAss sequel.The end has a ton of action and killing, only a comic like Kick-ass can accomplish.

Kick ass VS The MotherFucker

I loved this film. I actually liked it more than the first. The action was so over the top. I really enjoy the group dynamic of Justice Forever. Jim Carry really helps with the film. He is not his normal over the top self, who I actually do not think is funny.He is serious and just funny enough for the character he is portraying. I like the serious feel of the film. It is cool to see the heroes put in awful situations and still strive for good. I can not wait for kick ass three, I know it is coming I read the comic. I give Kick Ass two 4/5 stars. It is one of the best comic book adaptations and films I have seen to date. I will be picking it up for my personal collection. I hope everyone will feel the same as me.

The Spectacular Now


 I had the pleasure of watching this film over the long break this weekend.The Spectacular Now is a rom com, of sorts, that is directed by James Ponsoldt. The basic premise of the film is about a senior in highschool, living in the now and not realizing it; by not making plans for the future he is hurting himself and the others he loves. Miles Teller, stars as Sutter Keely, the teen in question, who lives a life devoted only to his self-love and selfish tendencies. The film also stars Shaliene Woodley, as Aimee Finecky; a plain girl  who has been passed over by most of the highschool world, and we find out she is overlooked by her mother too a mail woman making her daughter run mail routes.

    At one point we see  Sutter, who is drunk yet again and he is passed out in some random yard. He is awaken by Aimee, a fellow classmate, and he realizes his car is missing. She decides to give him a ride around the neighborhood to find his missing car. They instantly have chemistry, and her shy demeanor is offset by his extreme charm and allure. They strike up a friendship and she starts tutoring him in math. All the while, Sutter is still trying to get back with his ex, who we see at the first of the film dumping Sutter. He takes Aimee to her first party and gets her to drink for the first time. He finds out that she has never had a boyfriend, She has also never kissed a boy. Sutter makes the move and kisses her. While intoxicated, Sutter asks Aimee to the prom, making the young girl’s dreams come true. As the school year continues, Sutter and Aimee’s relationship grows stronger by the day. She has begun drinking regularly after a flask was given to her by Sutter, at their prom, as a gift.

    Rifts between both children and their mothers start a bet between the two to stand up to them. Aimee wants to go Philadelphia and Sutter wants to find out information on his father that his mother is withholding. Aimee stands up to her mother and says she is quitting the route and going to college in Philly. She does that expecting Sutter to hold up to his end of the bet. He finds out where his father is from his sister. Sutter and Aimee visit the father, played by Kyle Chandler. Sutter is starstruck, to say the least. They both go to a bar with him and drink, a bit too much. The whole time he is paying little attention to them and is distracted by less important things like alcohol and girls. He eventually stands them up, and this, fueled by the beer, sends Sutter into a rage that results in him and Aimee fighting. They get into a bad car wreck, Aimee is left injured and she forgives him.

Kyle Chandler

  His life starts falling apart, from quitting his job to drinking even more heavily. Aimee ends up going to Philly after Sutter stands her up. He ends up realizing his shortcomings and applies for college to help clean up his life. Hoping to win back Aimme’s love and trust, he Travels to Philly with her jacket she left with him.

    The film cuts off right after they make eye contact.The Spectacular Now was great! I give it a four out of five. I really enjoy these films that are comedies, yet have the harsh realities of everyday life. They are funny and sad at the same time. The film really has good insight on how most of us felt in high school. How we have to squeeze every bit of fun into the last few years of high school because we will soon be adults. I recommend this touching comedy to any and all fans of heart warming tales of youth, and even those just of film in general.

3/5- Justin

Comic Book reviews/ Pull list

comic book pull list

Long time no post. Sorry it has been forever since I last have wrote anything. I finished school for the semester and decided to stop my blog lol. well hopefully that will change. I am going to start incorporating all my hobbies into this page. Movies,books,comics,podcast, and whatever other nerdy stuff I am currently into may make it’s way onto this blog. Anyway… these are the new comics from this week’s pull list. Reviews may be up soon who knows.

Paul- Review

photo 1 (1)

    The greatest question man has ever asked, “Are we alone in our universe?” Well Paul, the latest comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, tries to answer just that. Paul is a story of two friends, Pegg and Frost, on a road trip from across the pond who have traveled to America. The two friends are in search of the great American sights and sounds. They go to comic con, Hollywood, and even ufo hot spots. On the last trip to a small ufo town, they visit a dive bar where they meet some zany characters such as Jane Lynch’s bartender, Kristen Wigg as a Christian cyclops, and the star Paul, who is voiced by none other than Seth Rogan. Paul is a lost alien. Why he is named Paul is a whole other story. He is lost in the woods trying to get home. Sound familiar? He shows them the truth of the world and all of history through his thoughts. He can turn invisible while he holds his breath. The group ends up with Kristen Wigg, a Christian with only one working eye, who tags along for the ride. Her gun and bible toting dad ends up hunting them cross country to get her back. They are driving to a woman’s house, where we learn how Paul got his name. Paul killed her dog by landing on the dog’s house when he first arrived on earth. Along the journey the ensemble cast adds other stars such as, Jason Bateman and Bill Hader as FBI agents, and even our favorite alien hunter Riply, who is of the Alien movie fame herself, Signoury Weaver as an overbearing FBI director.

Ever heard of a Tick-Tak?

Ever heard of a Tick-Tak?

       Paul is as touching as it is funny. Pegg is someone who brings all the emotions out in this picture. Pegg’s and Frost’s friendship is tested, Wigg learns the truth and gets her life going finally, and Paul finds some real friends. Paul is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It is definitely the funniest Pegg movie I have watched since Shaun of the Dead.  The movie has many references to other movies in the genre such as Spielberg’s ET and quotes like “are you ready for a close encounter?” Stephen Spielberg even has a small audio cameo showing where the television and film writers got ideas for Aliens; it was Paul. He gave Spielberg ideas for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Paul even takes credit for coming up with agent Mulder on X-Files. I enjoyed the film enough to purchase it. I gave the film a 7/10. Paul was funny, touching, and had laughs for any comedy fan.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy...Milano..Ph: Film Frame..?Marvel 2014

Guardians was hands down the best Marvel movie to this date. The movie had everything I could want in a movie let alone a comic book movie. I will start with the cast. The cast was completely phenomenal. Each actor was chosen as almost perfect fits for each of their respective characters. Chris Pratt gets the MVP of the movie. He really stepped up his acting and slimmed down as he buffed up for the intergalactic space bandit, Star Lord.

chris pratt

I was initially hesitant with Bradley Cooper when he was cast as one of my favorite Guardians Rocket. Rocket is a raccoon and a bad ass raccoon at that. He is somewhat a funny Punisher type who kill anything and everything he needs to, so that he can get paid. All regrets aside Cooper killed his role. The humor he brought and the voice were both amazing. I loved his character.





bradley cooper as rockeyvin grrot


As with Bradley being Rocket, I was wondering how Vin Diesel would do as the vocabulary limited tree warrior Groot. Vin killed his role as well. Even though Groot only says” I am Groot” Each time it is different and impressionable. He made me care for groot and make him one of my favorite parts of the film.

Zoe Saldana was awesome as Gomorrah. I did not know much about her other than she was Thanos’s Daughter and not by choice. She looked the part, and was a complete badass chick in the movie.

zoe saldan

Last but definitely not least is Dave Batista as Drax the Destroyer. Dave was great. He was funny and had extremely quotable lines.He had such a deadpan humor and the way he delivered his lines were hilarious


And finnaly all the baddies and side characters were so great. I really liked Ronan and who didn’t enjoy seeing the biggest bad ass in all of Marvel, Thanos..

"Labor Day" - Mayfair Gala European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals: 57th BFI London Film Festival


All in all Guardians is one of my favorite movies I have seen in a very long time. The acting,humor, and the story were all huge selling points. I give the film 9/10. It is my favorite Marvel movie. The characters had enough individual greatness to be viable on their own, so all of them together was comic book bliss. Go and see it now.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is directed by funny man Ben Stiller. Stiller plays the completely average, every-man,Walter Mitty.

mitty averageWalter mitty

Walter Mitty is the definition of average.He is the negatives receiver at a Time magazine like magazine named Life. Life is closing it’s doors soon and has brought in a big wig boss played by Adam Scott to downsize and usher in the new online online Life magazine.

adam scott

Walter is put in charge of getting the final cover photo sent in by adventurer and photographer, Sean O’Connell played by Sean Penn. O’Connell is has sent Mitty photos except the one that is important.

sean penn

The core of the story is about Mitty daydreaming of wild alternative realities , other than his boring life. He has day dreams of rescuing the attractive new co worker Kristen Wiigs an ice climber adventurer. Other day dreams are of him chasing Adam Scott through town on skies,rescuing Wiig’s dog from a burning building and a life with wiig growing old i reverse with wiig as he describes as the Benjamin button thing”

stiller day dream

The Secret Life succeeds at being funny while not being a funny movie.This is great because Stiller comes off as sincere and real instead of being off the wall and crazy like he is in his movies normally. One of the quotes from the always great Sean Penn sums up the movie and Walter Mitty’s life”Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”.

I really enjoyed The secret life of Walter Mitty. The acting,humor,and touching story all make the latest outing from Ben Stiller all worth watching. I give Walter Mitty a 7/10. My favorite parts were when Stiller goes looking for Penn and the witty banter between him and Wigg.

My Mvp-Walter Mitty himself , Ben Stiller really lays on the charm.

mitty cake

My Omg moment is when Mitty’s E Harmony online dating consultant throughout the movie. It is none other than Patton Oswalt, one of my favorite comedians. He plays a Cinnabon obsessed online dating consultant who throughout the movie helps Mittty build his online dating profile to be more appealing-justin


Fury- A review

fury poster

“War. War never changes” Ron Pearlman- Fallout 3 this is Fury.

Fury, a World War II film written and directed by David Ayer is one of the most realistic and entertaining war movies I have seen since Black Hawk Down. Fury stars Brad Pitt as War Daddy, Shia Lebeouf, and a bible wielding tank man named church, Micheal Pen, and Norman, played by Logan lerman of Perks of being a Wallflower fame.

The movie was so intense and brutally realistic depictions of war.The film picks up after the allies are into Germany after d-day and towards the final days of the war.  Fury follows a group of tank drivers and small arms group. Brad Pitts group of soldiers lose their tank driver and must take on a rookie in Logan Lerman. Fury shows graphic depictions of the tanks shooting and killing their enemies, in what only I can say is, an awesome fashion. The film has some amazing gunfire scenes. One thing I will not soon forget is the amount of bodies laying around. The tanks constantly roll over dead bodies.

The crew and Norman don’t get along well from the get go, except for Pitt’s character War Daddy. They start to bond after they win a crucial battle for German town. they take over a house that has two young women. This is one of the best parts of the film. Its incredibly touching to see Pitt’s tragic hero just want to savor his victory and his eggs.

Fury continues these men’s journey into enemy territory and shows the relationship between a close knit group of soldiers trying to overcome the adversity of war.

Fury is one of the best films I have watched this year. The sound is an unheralded hero in this film. It is just amazing. The gunfire is relentlessness and gives never gives you a break,making you feel as if you are with the boys of Fury and in the action. I give Fury 8/10, I loved it from beginning to end. Fury is now available on DVD/Bluray.- Justin


Back to the Future-review


Gun it to 88 with me and check out one of, if not the greatest sci fi comedies this side of Ghost busters( coming soon lol) .
Back to the Future is directed by Robert Zemeckis and staring Michael J Fox,Christopher,
I love everything about this movie, from Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown to Huey Lewis and the news’s awesome The Power of Love.
Everyone knows the story. Marty McFly local bad ass and teen high school misfit, along with Doc. Brown go back in time and cause mayhem and almost unravel time completely.

Back to the Future is chalk full of pop culture that has been referenced ever since the film came out.
Back to the Future takes an extremely complex subject such as time travel and makes it fun for anyone. The best parts of the film have to be Doc. Brown and Marty’s interactions and dialogues.

Marty eventually goes back to 1955 to when Doc invented Time travel. He must convince him to start work on the flux capacitor and construct the time machine. He also has to avoid advances from his mother of all people and make sure his parents get together. THE film is full of jokes and the past basically parallels everything from the present time, from Biff making fun of McFly senior with the exact same jokes.

All in all everyone knows the story. We have all seen this film multiple times, and if you haven’t then you have to hatch it right now.
This is a pure 5/5. Not many films do what Future does and less as well. It is truly a work of pure movie greatness that I will continue to enjoy for years to come.-Justin


We needto talk about Kevin- a review


We need to  talk about Kevin is a disturbing look into a mother son relationship gone ary. The film stars Tilda Swintin,John c Riley, and Ezra Millir as Kevin. The story is mixed up straight from the beginning, showing flashbacks mixed into modern day. The mother,Tilda Swinton, seems a bit off and we find out why her and Kevin don’t play nice.

She is a young mother and does not know how to deal with a problem child like Kevin. Kevin screams constantly and makes his mother’s life a living hell. He breaks stuff, throws paint on her wals, and is just difficult to work with. John c Riley is very compliant with Kevin and let’s him do as he will. Everything starts to change when Kevin starts harming the family
The story takes an intense turn and the whole movie is building towards a climax that is quite a game changer for Kevin and his family.
we need to talk about Kevin is great. I recommend it to anyone wanting something different from their films. It is a nice change of pace that will haunt you. 7/10 We need to talk about Kevin is streaming now on Netflix.-Justin