Wolverine 3 officially titled Logan

The third and final Wolverine film from fox staring Hugh Jackman as the titled Wolverine has found its offical title in Logan. This title is not the best. This does however seperate itself from the regular wolverine titles in theme. The title Logan is terrible for film goers who are not fans of the previous movies or comics. Many will not know what it could be about on television alone. 

Toy story 4

Toy story 4 is confirmed to not be a continuation of toy story 3. Him Morris studio president said it will be more of a romantic comedy. Toy story 4 is scheduled June 16th, 2017.

Neil blomkamp’s alien

Neil Blomkamp’s Alien may still happen according to him.
He says fox is on board.
He wants it his way and says it will be a stand alone story. He started working on concept after chappie while working with Alien alum Sigourney Weaver.
I hope this happens. I love his movies and he could bring a dark realistic take to one of my all time favorite series.