31 days of Halloween day 2-Grave Encounters

Grave encounters is a B list horror flick about a group of ghost hunters who explore an abandoned sanitarium.
The film starts off with a producer saying that all the footage is not doctored this is real. Like all found footage flicks
The movie has a group TV show called grave encounters. They go to an insane asylum, it looks nothing will happen until shit hits the fan.
Grave encounters has some awesome ideas it just needs to execute them better. I love the parts where time is nonexistent and wings, doors, rooms, and areas of the building appear and disappear at will.
This actually reminds me of one of my favorite and most disturbing books I have ever read, House of leaves by, Mark Z Danielski.
Besides the few parts with a good spoke or creative scene in the film deserves a 4/10.

grave encounters

The Visit- Review

The Visit is M. NIght Shamylan’s latest trip into the horror genre. He has been on a decline over the last few years. The Visit has some high points and low points. Mostly average overall for me. I did enjoy the film quite a bit actually. The film is set in a rural Penn. town when two children go visit their grandparents whom they have never met. The mother is going away on a cruise and is estranged from her parents after a falling out. The weekend that ensues is one from a nightmare that the children will not soon forget.

The Visit is more of the same from M. Night. The film is much better than any movie he has made over the last few years. its his best movie since The Village. The twist was a bit predictable but not ion all fashions. It still had me surprised at the end of the film.

The stand out performance was Tyler, played by Ed Oxenbould. he was hilarious. He was a rapper and played the typical teenager. Over all it had scares, humor, and suspense all of what M. Night’s movies need.

the visit

Finders Keepers- a review

Shit ain’t shit. King delivers again with his sequel to last year’s Mr. Mercedes. This time around Finders keepers catches back up with victims of the killer’s last book and throws them into a world only King could deliver. This is not the usual fantasy and horror we are use to from King , but a world or mystery and real world killers and frauds. The tale is that of an obsessed reader who becomes enthralled in the fiction of Jimmy Gold and the runner. He goes so far as to invade the home of the writer and steal a fortune. He goes away for life in prison but what happened to the writer’s vast fortune. This tale meets up with that of a young boy’s who finds the stolen treasure all these years later. He will discover he has found more than just jimmy gold and some money. Stephen king’s latest story was much better than the book before it.