Cabin Fever 2003

Eli Roth’s first big picture, that got him into the game of horror is a fun little flick.  All the classic genre tropes of horror are there teens, drugs, sex, and lots of killing! Basic premise of Cabin Fever is a group of young people go camping and find themselves attacked by unknown forces. Check this one out foe some good effects, laughs, and some genuinely great scenes by Eli Roth! 3/5

31 days of Halloween day 4-Scream

scream poster


Sidney: But this is life. This isn’t a movie.

Billy: Sure it is, Sid. It’s all a movie. It’s all one great big movie.

Billy : . Only you can pick your genre.

This is Scream.

Wes Craven’s 1996 teen slasher flick ushered in a wave of teen horror that ruled for a decade. Scream is one of the first horror movies to truly grasp the viewers full attention with comedy,action, and pure fear at times.

The film stars Drew Barrymore,Neve Cambpell,David Arquette, and Courtney Cox.

The film also features Henry Winkler,Rose McGowen,Matthew Lillard, and Jamie Kennedy.

Scream is about a small tight knit group of friends and a terrified community, who are being terrorized by a killer, named Ghostface,


Nev Cambpell plays title character Sidney Prescott, who’s mom was murdered the previous year. She is being stalked by a killer who has been picking off teenagers left and right. The killer is merciless and has an affinity for scary movie trivia. The film refers to multiple horror tropes and films like Halloween,Nightmare on Elm street, as well as many more. The film is constantly referring to facts about movies and the reason the cops can’t find the killer is because they do not watch enough scary movies, such as Prom Night. The rules of scary movies are stated in Scream, such as “Virgins never die, son’t have sex,no drinking or smoking,and never ever say I will be right back.”  Stated by Jamie Kennedy’s character Randy , who happens to be my favorite kid in the film. he works at a film rental store and is obsessed with horror films and trivia.


This is an amazing film. One of the best horror films of all time. The dialog is so great between the kids in school. They play off each other so well. At times you truly forget you are watching a ,movie and you are engorged in the lives of the victims and kids.Scream revived horror for me and set the bar high for years to come. Wes Craven is a genius when it comes to scares and kills. The film is actually based of a real event about the Gainesville rapist. Scream is infamous for spawning three sequels and many real life copy cat killers came about.

Scream holds up wonderfully still to this day. I found myself screaming at the television for the kids to watch out and why arew you going that way. Scream has very memorable kills such as the garage kill.

over all 8/10. Go out and watch this, it’s on Netflix streaming.

31 Days of Halloween Day 3- the last Exorcism 

THe last exorcism is exactly how you dont make a horror sequel. this is also why people tend to disrespect and hate the sequels of horror films. This is a shame since the first was so fun and a fairly good movie. This film should be grea. It is produced by Eli Roth who is a horror phenom and cult god, the screen play was wrote by Damian Chezal who won an oscar for Whiplash last year, so why does this fail ?

The premise of this second installment of The Last Exorcism  picks up immitetly after the first where nell, the young girl possesed and impregnated by a demon in the first film. Nell is found in a families house acting crazy and degranged after escaping the cult. She is sent to a house for girls and seems to start doing better. She sees strange men in masks, a silver guy painted who creeps her out, and voices over the radio. This is about all the movie is. Nell going through New Orleans seeing shades of demons,ghosts, and cult members. It is a lazy attempt at horror and a qucick buck at the expense of the first  film. The ending is an abomination and just craps all ov er the original by having dumb cgi scares and turning  into a bad carrie remake.. My recomendation i sn ot to  watch this. I would give it a 3-10.   

Henry A Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry a Portrait of a serial Killer is an examination of a murderous sociopath. Henry is based of on the real serial killer Otis Lee Lucas, who claims to have killed over 300 women. The film is directed by John McNaughton and stars Micheal Rooker as Henry.

The film is one of the most disturbing movies I have watched in recent memory. Henry is a regular Joe type guy, who just so happens travels from town to town murdering as many women as he can. Henry stays with his ex- con buddy Otis, played by Tom Towles. The film opens with ominous music and multiple blood covered women, who we can only assume to be murdered by Henry.

The story takes a turn for the worse when Otis’s sister moves in from out of town. Henry begins to murder more and more while sucking Otis into the killing frenzy, after Henry murders in front of him.

Micheal Rooker’s portrayal of Henry is awe inspiring in the worst way. He is disgusting and has a lack of all moral character. The film has great acting mostly by Rooker, who I will never look at the same again after this film. It was a horrifying look into a killer’s life. The film features depraved sexual acts and murders that I thought were a bit over the top, but the film is inspired by real Life events.

I give Henry a Portrait of a Serial Killer a 6/10, mostly for the acting. The story and film were fine but I can’t see many people enjoying this film. It is a grotesque and disturbing film that holds up against any killer film.



Sharknado- Midnight Movie Review

The latest Midnight Movie  is one I have been meaning to watch for awhile. The cult classic in the making, which has already gardener a huge following online is the Sci-Fi original Shaknado.


Shaknado is just what it sounds like. Pure Ridiculousness. The film is as the title imply is a  massive hurricane hits California bringing on tornadoes over the ocean filled with sharks.It hits the coast of California to wreck havoc on the stupid people who keep surfing and trying to fight sharks with bats and weapons.

The film is actually not all that bad. It is fairly funny at times and extremely comical with its violence and some of the fight scenes are amazing. At one point the characters fly a helicopter above the tornadoes and drop bombs into the eye of the storm to kill the sharks.


Sharknado stars washed up and rarely seen teen queen of past years Tara Reid and s slew of other young attractive stars who are bikini clad for our enjoyment,


Overall the film is totally worth watching at least once. The film is just fun to watch with no expectations going into the film except that it is awesome. Sharknado reminds me of all the zombie movies I love. with the raiding of a warehouse full of weapons the characters find gas containers,chainsaws, and guns.

Sharknado trailer (Screengrab)

I have to recommend this to people who love the fun B-rated films and need a good film to watch to blow over some time.

I give Sharknado a 6/10, not the worst movie to watch but it could have been better- Justin