Mary Poppins Returns review

While Mary Poppins Returns didn’t look like my cup of tea, or rather a spoonful of sugar, the film is a pure delight! The Rob Marshall directed sequel is rather enjoyable and a fantastic revisiting of cinematic icon!

Emily Blunt nails Poppins mannerisms and it feels like she hasn’t missed a beat since the last time she flew off screen. Her co-star, Lin Manuel Miranda who plays a gas lamp cleaner Jack delights as well with his patented song and dance.

If you enjoy classic Disney or are a fan of the original Mary Poppins, you should enjoy this redemption of the classic family film!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is directed by funny man Ben Stiller. Stiller plays the completely average, every-man,Walter Mitty.

mitty averageWalter mitty

Walter Mitty is the definition of average.He is the negatives receiver at a Time magazine like magazine named Life. Life is closing it’s doors soon and has brought in a big wig boss played by Adam Scott to downsize and usher in the new online online Life magazine.

adam scott

Walter is put in charge of getting the final cover photo sent in by adventurer and photographer, Sean O’Connell played by Sean Penn. O’Connell is has sent Mitty photos except the one that is important.

sean penn

The core of the story is about Mitty daydreaming of wild alternative realities , other than his boring life. He has day dreams of rescuing the attractive new co worker Kristen Wiigs an ice climber adventurer. Other day dreams are of him chasing Adam Scott through town on skies,rescuing Wiig’s dog from a burning building and a life with wiig growing old i reverse with wiig as he describes as the Benjamin button thing”

stiller day dream

The Secret Life succeeds at being funny while not being a funny movie.This is great because Stiller comes off as sincere and real instead of being off the wall and crazy like he is in his movies normally. One of the quotes from the always great Sean Penn sums up the movie and Walter Mitty’s life”Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”.

I really enjoyed The secret life of Walter Mitty. The acting,humor,and touching story all make the latest outing from Ben Stiller all worth watching. I give Walter Mitty a 7/10. My favorite parts were when Stiller goes looking for Penn and the witty banter between him and Wigg.

My Mvp-Walter Mitty himself , Ben Stiller really lays on the charm.

mitty cake

My Omg moment is when Mitty’s E Harmony online dating consultant throughout the movie. It is none other than Patton Oswalt, one of my favorite comedians. He plays a Cinnabon obsessed online dating consultant who throughout the movie helps Mittty build his online dating profile to be more appealing-justin


We Need to Talk About Kevin

We need to  talk about Kevin is a disturbing look into a mother son relationship gone ary. The film stars Tilda Swintin,John c Riley, and Ezra Millir as Kevin. The story is mixed up straight from the beginning, showing flashbacks mixed into modern day. The mother,Tilda Swinton, seems a bit off and we find out why her and Kevin don’t play nice.

She is a young mother and does not know how to deal with a problem child like Kevin. Kevin screams constantly and makes his mother’s life a living hell. He breaks stuff, throws paint on her walls, and is just difficult to work with. John c Riley is very compliant with Kevin and let’s him do as he will. Everything starts to change when Kevin starts harming the family
The story takes an intense turn and the whole movie is building towards a climax that is quite a game changer for Kevin and his family.
we need to talk about Kevin is great. I recommend it to anyone wanting something different from their films. It is a nice change of pace that will haunt you. 7/10 We need to talk about Kevin is streaming now on Netflix.-Justin