idiocracy- A review of the future

Idiocracy is a scary look into our future if Mike Judge or any of his fans have anything to say or to do with the next 500 years or so.

The film is about a completely average man, named Joe Beavers, who is frozen by the military along with a random prostitute. This experiment is meant only for 100 days but ends up lasting almost 500 years. Luke Wilson wakes up and realizes this world has become stupid and he is the smartest man in the world. This dystopia has water fountains that have Gatorade instead of water, fud ruckers that are now named Butt fuckers, and Carls Jr. reigns supreme! Natural selection has evolved man to a point of pure stupidity.

The film shows a fun and scary look into the not so near future. Mike Judge has a great success record with satire and humor in general. Luke Wilson is generally great in this film and actually pretty funny. My favorite scene is near the beginning and involves Justin Long in a cameo spot.

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Paul- Review

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    The greatest question man has ever asked, “Are we alone in our universe?” Well Paul, the latest comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, tries to answer just that. Paul is a story of two friends, Pegg and Frost, on a road trip from across the pond who have traveled to America. The two friends are in search of the great American sights and sounds. They go to comic con, Hollywood, and even ufo hot spots. On the last trip to a small ufo town, they visit a dive bar where they meet some zany characters such as Jane Lynch’s bartender, Kristen Wigg as a Christian cyclops, and the star Paul, who is voiced by none other than Seth Rogan. Paul is a lost alien. Why he is named Paul is a whole other story. He is lost in the woods trying to get home. Sound familiar? He shows them the truth of the world and all of history through his thoughts. He can turn invisible while he holds his breath. The group ends up with Kristen Wigg, a Christian with only one working eye, who tags along for the ride. Her gun and bible toting dad ends up hunting them cross country to get her back. They are driving to a woman’s house, where we learn how Paul got his name. Paul killed her dog by landing on the dog’s house when he first arrived on earth. Along the journey the ensemble cast adds other stars such as, Jason Bateman and Bill Hader as FBI agents, and even our favorite alien hunter Riply, who is of the Alien movie fame herself, Signoury Weaver as an overbearing FBI director.

Ever heard of a Tick-Tak?

Ever heard of a Tick-Tak?

       Paul is as touching as it is funny. Pegg is someone who brings all the emotions out in this picture. Pegg’s and Frost’s friendship is tested, Wigg learns the truth and gets her life going finally, and Paul finds some real friends. Paul is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It is definitely the funniest Pegg movie I have watched since Shaun of the Dead.  The movie has many references to other movies in the genre such as Spielberg’s ET and quotes like “are you ready for a close encounter?” Stephen Spielberg even has a small audio cameo showing where the television and film writers got ideas for Aliens; it was Paul. He gave Spielberg ideas for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Paul even takes credit for coming up with agent Mulder on X-Files. I enjoyed the film enough to purchase it. I gave the film a 7/10. Paul was funny, touching, and had laughs for any comedy fan.