All is lost-review

All is lost Is J.C Chandor’s survival drama staring Robert Redford.

The film is brutal to say the least. The realistic approach to being lost at sea was something I liked and intrigued me. All is lost opens with a man’s last words and plea. “I’m sorry. I know that means little at this point, but I am. I tried. I think you would all agree that I tried. To be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right, but I wasn’t.” He declares, “All is lost.”

The story is about a man out to sea. He wakes up to his boat being punchcard by a shipping crate full of shoes. From this point nothing good happens to redford’s nameless shipman.
All is lost is a little tough at times but a good movie. There is very little spoken parts and no dialogue. Redford is the sole actor in the film. The movie reminded me a lot of a better gravity and at times of into the wild. The film is pg-13 but makes good use of it’s one use of explicit language.

Over all All is lost is a 7/10 for me.
The ending is one of the better endings I have seen over the years. This saves the film for me. I think I can recommend this film, but only if you want to see something different in film.

Health Care 2015? NO Elysium Review!


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  A perfect society, with a not so perfect underbelly filled with crime, disease, and a hate for the wealthy upper world. These are major plot devices for most dystopian science fiction books and films.All these traits fit perfectly into Elysium, starring Matt Damon. The film centers around Earth in the not so distant future and Elysium, the perfect space colony set on a floating ring in outer space that has been designed for earth’s wealthiest population. The wealthy benefit from health pods that can heal just about any ailment or sickness, even death. The inhabitants of earth have no such luxury. Earth is where the poor now live; they can only escape this menial existence if they are citizens of Elysium.


Elysium over looking Earth.

  Matt Damon’s character works in an assembly line of sorts, putting together his own oppressors; these are robots that police the masses. He is on parole and gets it extended for just about anything against the policies of the new government on earth. He
ends up getting in an accident at work and is given a death date in five days’ time.


Matt Damonnn… from Team America world police.

The film also stars Jodie foster as a stuck up bureaucrat with no care for the people of earth.One gripe I had wit the film was lack of supporting cast.


Jodie Foster being well Jodie Foster.

 Damon has his sights set on Eylsium to get cured. He has to take on a shady job and mind jack a wealthy citizen of Elysium. He gets fitted for a heavy duty exoskeleton that gives him strength, endurance and heightened reflexes. He uses these traits and equipment to get the info and make his way up to paradise.


Acupuncture in the future, looks painful.

 I gave the film a 6/10 Elysium just did not quite do it for me. The ending is a bit cliche and predictable. Matt Damon is a shining spot in the film, his acting is great. The supporting cast is just bland not many stand out performances. I do recommend watching it if you were a fan of   Neill Blomkamp’s first movie District 9, it has the same feel and a similar message to it.


District 9, A great film if you have not seen it.


Flight- A Review

Robert Zemekis directs Flight, Starring Denzel Washington hero pilot  and drunk , Captain Whip Whitaker.

images (3)

Flight has Denzel as Whip , captain and pilot for an unknown airlines. He has an insane weekend of partying with the flight attendant. Everything goes wrong. whip is hung over and still drunk from the night before, and has not slept at all.He is about to fly a doomed plane and become a hero.

The flight starts off terrible and Denzel flies the plane through a terrible storm and some awful turbulence. he nods off at the wheel during the flight when awakened by the co pilot who can not control the plane making a nose dive. the plane is uncontrollable. Whip is forced to attempt a landing in a field to try and save the plane and it’s passengers. The landing scene is the most intense flight scene I have seen and will make you uneasy. It is by far the best part of the film.

images (4)

Facing criminal negligence and at war with his own addiction to alcohol and cocaine.He must go against the battle of his life to prove his innocence and possibly fly again.

Flight has it’s moments where you can barely watch from the cockpit scenes in the plane  to Whip laying out a booze inflicted deep sleep. Overall I liked Flight. Denzel is always great and Zemeckis is almost as good , but he raids the Scorsese score list for a few tunes including crime favorite Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and Sympathy for the Devil in a part introducing us t John Goodman’s character who just so happen to star in Fallen with Denzel where they shared this song.

images (5)

Robert Zemeckis’s score is a bit pushy at times. Over all the film was good. I would give flight a 6/10. Definitely worth a watch

Pros- Denzel, he almost never disappoints.


Great soundtrack

Cons- not enough John Goodman.

A bit long.

Mvp- Guess, Denzel lol

OMG moment is when the plane crashes at the start. It is truly gut wrenching to watch.




The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is directed by funny man Ben Stiller. Stiller plays the completely average, every-man,Walter Mitty.

mitty averageWalter mitty

Walter Mitty is the definition of average.He is the negatives receiver at a Time magazine like magazine named Life. Life is closing it’s doors soon and has brought in a big wig boss played by Adam Scott to downsize and usher in the new online online Life magazine.

adam scott

Walter is put in charge of getting the final cover photo sent in by adventurer and photographer, Sean O’Connell played by Sean Penn. O’Connell is has sent Mitty photos except the one that is important.

sean penn

The core of the story is about Mitty daydreaming of wild alternative realities , other than his boring life. He has day dreams of rescuing the attractive new co worker Kristen Wiigs an ice climber adventurer. Other day dreams are of him chasing Adam Scott through town on skies,rescuing Wiig’s dog from a burning building and a life with wiig growing old i reverse with wiig as he describes as the Benjamin button thing”

stiller day dream

The Secret Life succeeds at being funny while not being a funny movie.This is great because Stiller comes off as sincere and real instead of being off the wall and crazy like he is in his movies normally. One of the quotes from the always great Sean Penn sums up the movie and Walter Mitty’s life”Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”.

I really enjoyed The secret life of Walter Mitty. The acting,humor,and touching story all make the latest outing from Ben Stiller all worth watching. I give Walter Mitty a 7/10. My favorite parts were when Stiller goes looking for Penn and the witty banter between him and Wigg.

My Mvp-Walter Mitty himself , Ben Stiller really lays on the charm.

mitty cake

My Omg moment is when Mitty’s E Harmony online dating consultant throughout the movie. It is none other than Patton Oswalt, one of my favorite comedians. He plays a Cinnabon obsessed online dating consultant who throughout the movie helps Mittty build his online dating profile to be more appealing-justin


Henry A Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry a Portrait of a serial Killer is an examination of a murderous sociopath. Henry is based of on the real serial killer Otis Lee Lucas, who claims to have killed over 300 women. The film is directed by John McNaughton and stars Micheal Rooker as Henry.

The film is one of the most disturbing movies I have watched in recent memory. Henry is a regular Joe type guy, who just so happens travels from town to town murdering as many women as he can. Henry stays with his ex- con buddy Otis, played by Tom Towles. The film opens with ominous music and multiple blood covered women, who we can only assume to be murdered by Henry.

The story takes a turn for the worse when Otis’s sister moves in from out of town. Henry begins to murder more and more while sucking Otis into the killing frenzy, after Henry murders in front of him.

Micheal Rooker’s portrayal of Henry is awe inspiring in the worst way. He is disgusting and has a lack of all moral character. The film has great acting mostly by Rooker, who I will never look at the same again after this film. It was a horrifying look into a killer’s life. The film features depraved sexual acts and murders that I thought were a bit over the top, but the film is inspired by real Life events.

I give Henry a Portrait of a Serial Killer a 6/10, mostly for the acting. The story and film were fine but I can’t see many people enjoying this film. It is a grotesque and disturbing film that holds up against any killer film.



Sharknado- Midnight Movie Review

The latest Midnight Movie  is one I have been meaning to watch for awhile. The cult classic in the making, which has already gardener a huge following online is the Sci-Fi original Shaknado.


Shaknado is just what it sounds like. Pure Ridiculousness. The film is as the title imply is a  massive hurricane hits California bringing on tornadoes over the ocean filled with sharks.It hits the coast of California to wreck havoc on the stupid people who keep surfing and trying to fight sharks with bats and weapons.

The film is actually not all that bad. It is fairly funny at times and extremely comical with its violence and some of the fight scenes are amazing. At one point the characters fly a helicopter above the tornadoes and drop bombs into the eye of the storm to kill the sharks.


Sharknado stars washed up and rarely seen teen queen of past years Tara Reid and s slew of other young attractive stars who are bikini clad for our enjoyment,


Overall the film is totally worth watching at least once. The film is just fun to watch with no expectations going into the film except that it is awesome. Sharknado reminds me of all the zombie movies I love. with the raiding of a warehouse full of weapons the characters find gas containers,chainsaws, and guns.

Sharknado trailer (Screengrab)

I have to recommend this to people who love the fun B-rated films and need a good film to watch to blow over some time.

I give Sharknado a 6/10, not the worst movie to watch but it could have been better- Justin

Fury- A review

fury poster

“War. War never changes” Ron Pearlman- Fallout 3 this is Fury.

Fury, a World War II film written and directed by David Ayer is one of the most realistic and entertaining war movies I have seen since Black Hawk Down. Fury stars Brad Pitt as War Daddy, Shia Lebeouf, and a bible wielding tank man named church, Micheal Pen, and Norman, played by Logan lerman of Perks of being a Wallflower fame.

The movie was so intense and brutally realistic depictions of war.The film picks up after the allies are into Germany after d-day and towards the final days of the war.  Fury follows a group of tank drivers and small arms group. Brad Pitts group of soldiers lose their tank driver and must take on a rookie in Logan Lerman. Fury shows graphic depictions of the tanks shooting and killing their enemies, in what only I can say is, an awesome fashion. The film has some amazing gunfire scenes. One thing I will not soon forget is the amount of bodies laying around. The tanks constantly roll over dead bodies.

The crew and Norman don’t get along well from the get go, except for Pitt’s character War Daddy. They start to bond after they win a crucial battle for German town. they take over a house that has two young women. This is one of the best parts of the film. Its incredibly touching to see Pitt’s tragic hero just want to savor his victory and his eggs.

Fury continues these men’s journey into enemy territory and shows the relationship between a close knit group of soldiers trying to overcome the adversity of war.

Fury is one of the best films I have watched this year. The sound is an unheralded hero in this film. It is just amazing. The gunfire is relentlessness and gives never gives you a break,making you feel as if you are with the boys of Fury and in the action. I give Fury 8/10, I loved it from beginning to end. Fury is now available on DVD/Bluray.- Justin