Crimson Peak 

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest work of horror is beautiful but lacks in scares and substance at times. CRIMSON PEAK Looks great and feels guinuine. The film was so colorful and had an environment that felt real. Over all the film felt like an Edgar Allen Poe book or a Shakespearian love story interweaved with the macabre and grotesque nature.  Crimson peak deserves a 3/5 for the great looking atmosphere, cinematography, and the brilliant costume designs. 


Movies I’m pumped for October ! 

This month has some great films coming out that I’m excited to watch. 

The martian-10/3

Knock knock -10/9 

Beasts of no nation- 10/16


Crimson Peak 10/16

Scouts guide to the apocalypse-Halloween


Movies to watch in October ! 

October is loaded this year with fun looking flicks. These are the movies I plan on going to the theater to see !

The martian 10/3

Knock knock 10/9

 Steve jobs 10/9

Beasts if no nation 10/16

Crimson peak-10/16

Scouts guide to the apocalypse -Halloween