Back to the Future-review


Gun it to 88 with me and check out one of, if not the greatest sci fi comedies this side of Ghost busters( coming soon lol) .
Back to the Future is directed by Robert Zemeckis and staring Michael J Fox,Christopher,
I love everything about this movie, from Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown to Huey Lewis and the news’s awesome The Power of Love.
Everyone knows the story. Marty McFly local bad ass and teen high school misfit, along with Doc. Brown go back in time and cause mayhem and almost unravel time completely.

Back to the Future is chalk full of pop culture that has been referenced ever since the film came out.
Back to the Future takes an extremely complex subject such as time travel and makes it fun for anyone. The best parts of the film have to be Doc. Brown and Marty’s interactions and dialogues.

Marty eventually goes back to 1955 to when Doc invented Time travel. He must convince him to start work on the flux capacitor and construct the time machine. He also has to avoid advances from his mother of all people and make sure his parents get together. THE film is full of jokes and the past basically parallels everything from the present time, from Biff making fun of McFly senior with the exact same jokes.

All in all everyone knows the story. We have all seen this film multiple times, and if you haven’t then you have to hatch it right now.
This is a pure 5/5. Not many films do what Future does and less as well. It is truly a work of pure movie greatness that I will continue to enjoy for years to come.-Justin


The Interview- Review

Finally The wait is over and all the hype can be met. Netflix has done a great service and has The Interview by Seth Rogen streaming. I was worried I would never see this film with North Korea hacking Sony. Sony had sorn off release and even digital distribution. Like I said, thank God for Netflix.

I watched the Interview the other night and it was pretty good. A solid comedy with fairly funny people. Seth Rogen is amazing in this film with James Franco being the underwhelming one this time. Franco and Rogen work for a news team who plan on traveling to N. Korea to interview the dictator of North Korea and murder him. Funny premise but somewhat offensive. Who cares! The film was hilarious. I love the parts with Kim jong un. he is hilarious in the film.

party interview

Seth Rogen has become a modern auteur, by directing,writing,and even staring in these films hes making these days.

There are parts in the film where I was laughing out loud, and others when I couldn’t believe what I was watching. No wonder North Korea hates us. This film is a fun watch all things aside. Check it out today on Netflix streaming if you have the service.

rogen naked

7/10. Check it out worth a watch maybe two if you love it.