Released 2015

Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Actors- Colin Firth

Taron Eggerton

Samuel L Jackson

Mark Strong

Micheal Caine

Kingsman is the latest superhero comic book flick by director Matthew Vaughn. Kingsman is a British spy thriller that would best be described as Kickass meets James bond. The movie is based off of the comic book mini-series The Secret Service by Mark Millar, the same writer as previously released Vaughn flick Kick-Ass.

The KIngsman is a fast paced ride that does not end until the film credits are rolling. The fun with the film is that is pulls no punches and knows exactly what kind of film it is. KIngsman is fun,brutal, and unapologetic.

Eggsy is a poor “bloke” who is somewhat of a mischievous young adult. He is always in trouble and constantly running into problems with local gangs. He finds himself in a bit of trouble yet again only to be bailed out by a secret organization his father once worked for before dying in an act of heroism. He is mentored by Ghalahad who knew Eggsy’s father and ends up taking him under his wing. Eggsy is optioned with joining the group of elite spies by joining other candidates.

The film goes on with not much character development outside of Eggsy.  The characters are extremely fun and provide an extremely enjoyable show to watch. The mix of humor and action is another coup for viewers and fans of Vaughn’s previous works. Ghalahad played by Firth was a big hit on my end. I truly enjoyed him and his scenes, The fight scenes were where this movie truly shined. With a nice mix of conventional fight techniques mixed with parkour and a barrage  of unconventional weapons this is truly a way to make fights more enjoyable.

Overall Kingsman was a fun watch. A 7/10 and I would watch it again. If you are a fan of comic books films or violent fun action comedies check it out.

John Wick

A Man, his dog, and his love for his car. This is John Wick at it’s core.

John Wick is the 2014 action/ thriller written and directed by Chad Stahleski and David Leitch. Both were stunt coordinators for the massively popular ” gun fu” flick, The Matrix.

John Wick stars Keanu Reeves,Willem Defoe, and Alfie Allen.

The film starts out with John Wick, played by Keanu, watching his wife die in a ┬áhospital. This utterly destroys John. when he returns home he finds a last gift from his wife. A dog named Daisy with a note saying ” now that Im gone you still need something to love, John.”

Oh yeah something else about this dog her name is Daisy and shes super cute, maybe one of the cutest dogs in a movie. John’s main love in life outside his wife is his muscle car. The car is a 1969 Mustang boss and it’s bad ass. while driving it around some Russians see it and offer to buy it, John refuses.

dasiy wick

The Russian assailants lead by Alfie Allen, who we know from Game of Thrones fame as Theon Greyjoy break into John’s house, steal his car, and beat the shit out of him.

Turns out John is a bad ass. John is a man of few words, this suits Keanu best. He is constantly fighting off three or four guys at once. It reminds me of his days as Neo. John Wick reminds me of an old 80’s or 90’s action film. It has comedy,action,and drama.

john wick scene

When anyone speaks Russian in the film the subtitles are in color and scroll along the screen whenever someone says them.

The night club scene is so awesome. It had some of the best gun and fight scenes I have watched recently. Kenau shows off some serious martial arts. All while a thumping bass line from a techno beat is banging in your eardrum the whole time.

quote john wick

over all 8/10. Go watch John Wick now !