The nice guys 

The Nice Guys by Shane Black, staring Ruan Goslingg and Russel Crowe is hilarious. It’s the best of all buddy cop movies. The nice guys has action, comedy, and drama all blended well. The retro feel was a nice touch and with all of Shane Black’s film the script is the strongest part of the film. Definitely check this one out ! 4/5 

Crimson Peak 

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest work of horror is beautiful but lacks in scares and substance at times. CRIMSON PEAK Looks great and feels guinuine. The film was so colorful and had an environment that felt real. Over all the film felt like an Edgar Allen Poe book or a Shakespearian love story interweaved with the macabre and grotesque nature.  Crimson peak deserves a 3/5 for the great looking atmosphere, cinematography, and the brilliant costume designs. 


Bridge of Spies 5/5

Bridge of spies may be the most complete and well balanced fil of 2015 that I have watched. Directed by Steven Spielberg, written by the coen brothers, and staring Tom Hanks this film had everything from subtle humor to the intense drama filled scenes in Europe. I give Bridge of Spies 5/5 only the 6th film to earn that of mine in 2015. This is a must watch for any and all fans of film.   

Winter on Fire 

Just watched this very powerful documentary on Netflix. It’s Oscar nominated this year and well worth your time. Some of the images in this film were horrific and upsetting to the point where you wonder how humans can do the things we do to one another. 4/5 stars.  

The hateful 8

The hateful  Eight by Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite movies from 2015! The violent and often hilarious throw back to the westerns of the 60’s and 70’s is one of QT’s best and most fun films he has ever made. 9/10 Sam Jackson  

Golden Globe winners ! 

Picture, Drama: “The Revenant.”


–Picture, Musical or Comedy: “The Martian.”

–Actor, Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant.”

Actress, Drama: Brie Larson, “Room.”  
–Director: Alejandro Inarritu, “The Revenant.”

–Actor, Musical or Comedy: Matt Damon, “The Martian.”

–Actress, Musical or Comedy: Jennifer Lawrence, “Joy.”

–Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone, “Creed.”

–Supporting Actress, Motion Picture: Kate Winslet, “Steve Jobs.”

–Foreign Language: “Son of Saul.”

–Animated Film: “Inside Out.”

–Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, “Steve Jobs.”

–Original Score: Ennio Morricone, “The Hateful Eight.”

–Original Song: “Writing’s on the Wall” music and lyrics by Sam Smith, Jimmy Napes), “Spectre.”



Star Wars The Force Awakens- A review

I saw Disney’s new Star Wars film the Force Awakens over the weekend. It did not disappoint. I had some reservations with Disney buying star wars a few years back, but now I see they are the perfect choice.

JJ Abrhams has made quite possibly the best film of 2015. Star wars was great in almost al aspects. We are introduced to new faces such as Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, and Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron. We also have returning faces like Harrison ford and Carrie Fisher.

The best parts of episode 7 are the fresh new faces. I loved how we are introduced to these new characters. We have new villains and new heros for the nest 3-5 years !

There are scenes where extreme emotion overwhelmed me and parts where i was cheering and gripping my arm rest in joy and excitement. My favorite characters were Ridley as Rey and Driver as Ren. Also Poe played by Isaac was a great suprise as was Domahall Gleeson as Hox.

Go see Star Wars The Force Awakens now!


The Wolfpack

Lower east side manhatten, New York City, This is the location for 2015’s The Wolfpack. This unsettling look into a sheltered famlies views on life through the films they love is odd to say the least. The Wolfpack is about a family who consists of a father and mother with seven children who live in a cramped apartment together. The kids act out life through the films they love. Cardboard sets from the Dark Knight to Pulp Fiction litter the house. The boys all have problems coping with social problems caused by their lack of a social life. The boys memorize and act out all of their favorite movies.

The boys have a straineed relationship with the father who you find out is very strange himself. He does not work and does not want the familiy speaking with anyone outside the family. The basic idea of the film is a documentary crew films their lifes and chronicles the struggle of the oldest boy with his transition into the real world as he challanges the orders and demands of his oppressive father. 

One of my favorite scenes that shows just how off and distant the boys are from society is a scene where the oldest boy dresses up like mucheal myers from Halloween and goes into a bank,store, and many other New York City stores. He is eventually arrested and taken to a mental health facility. He sees how the world really is after he returns and vows never to take his fathers demands again. 

The wolfpack is a great show of love for family and film. The boys will stop at nothing to contiune their passion of film while still sticking to their deep roots in family. I reccomend this to anyone who loves cinema. The parts where the boys are renacting the movies reminds me of Be Kind rewind but even moire crude if that is aven a possibility.