Live action Mulan 

Disney has announced Another live action Disney classic has been announced. Hot on the heels of Jungle Book and a confirmation of live action Lion King. A November 2018 release date has been scheduled.  


Movies to watch in October ! 

October is loaded this year with fun looking flicks. These are the movies I plan on going to the theater to see !

The martian 10/3

Knock knock 10/9

 Steve jobs 10/9

Beasts if no nation 10/16

Crimson peak-10/16

Scouts guide to the apocalypse -Halloween


Little Miss Sunshine Review Podcast !

The fiends are back ! We have a great Episode for you guys and galas this week. We have a new format were we have abandoned the Top 5 lists of yesteryear and now we will be reviewing a movie or two each week. We will be diving into each film to dissect and discuss.

Hey this is what you have been waiting for, The Silver Screen Fiends​ Little Miss Sunshine podcast ! Check it out at out new and reduced time of only 30 minutes ! please like,share, and subscribe please ! As always thanks for listening to these each week !
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