Midsommer review

The most stunningly gorgeous and most unsettling film of 2019 is Ari Aster’s Midsommer. His follow up to Hereditary lives in the same world of grief as Hereditary did,and uses the occult to a chilling and surreal setting that makes to want to visit the festivities that only take place every 90 years. Midsommer won’t be for everyone, but it is everything it sets out to be. The film isn’t so much horror but a film about relationships. The movie is also pretty funny throughout and Stars Will Poulter in a small role. Although I have only seen it the one time so far, Midsommer May be my pick of the year so far.

Movies to watch in October ! 

October is loaded this year with fun looking flicks. These are the movies I plan on going to the theater to see !

The martian 10/3

Knock knock 10/9

 Steve jobs 10/9

Beasts if no nation 10/16

Crimson peak-10/16

Scouts guide to the apocalypse -Halloween


Little Miss Sunshine Review Podcast !

The fiends are back ! We have a great Episode for you guys and galas this week. We have a new format were we have abandoned the Top 5 lists of yesteryear and now we will be reviewing a movie or two each week. We will be diving into each film to dissect and discuss.

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