My Star Wars recap- Pre The Force Awakens

Before We all see Disney’s mega blockbuster Star Wars The Force Awakens opens tonight! inpreparation for this massive pop cultural event I decided to watch all six pre existing films before this one came out !

This journey has been great. Me and my girlfriend  have finally watched all the films and I am so excited for The force awakens now. Rewatching all of them reminded me of my childhood. Star Wars are not just movies or films, but they are part of thezeitgeist and are engrained into our culture as much as if not more than any other film franchise.  

My order of the films from best toi worst would have to be

Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back 

Return of the Jedi

The Revenge of the Sith     

The Clone Wars

The Phantom Menace 

Enjoy this awesome time to be a fan of Star Wars and film all together !  


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