The Wolfpack

Lower east side manhatten, New York City, This is the location for 2015’s The Wolfpack. This unsettling look into a sheltered famlies views on life through the films they love is odd to say the least. The Wolfpack is about a family who consists of a father and mother with seven children who live in a cramped apartment together. The kids act out life through the films they love. Cardboard sets from the Dark Knight to Pulp Fiction litter the house. The boys all have problems coping with social problems caused by their lack of a social life. The boys memorize and act out all of their favorite movies.

The boys have a straineed relationship with the father who you find out is very strange himself. He does not work and does not want the familiy speaking with anyone outside the family. The basic idea of the film is a documentary crew films their lifes and chronicles the struggle of the oldest boy with his transition into the real world as he challanges the orders and demands of his oppressive father. 

One of my favorite scenes that shows just how off and distant the boys are from society is a scene where the oldest boy dresses up like mucheal myers from Halloween and goes into a bank,store, and many other New York City stores. He is eventually arrested and taken to a mental health facility. He sees how the world really is after he returns and vows never to take his fathers demands again. 

The wolfpack is a great show of love for family and film. The boys will stop at nothing to contiune their passion of film while still sticking to their deep roots in family. I reccomend this to anyone who loves cinema. The parts where the boys are renacting the movies reminds me of Be Kind rewind but even moire crude if that is aven a possibility.  


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