31 days of Halloween day 4-Scream

scream poster


Sidney: But this is life. This isn’t a movie.

Billy: Sure it is, Sid. It’s all a movie. It’s all one great big movie.

Billy : . Only you can pick your genre.

This is Scream.

Wes Craven’s 1996 teen slasher flick ushered in a wave of teen horror that ruled for a decade. Scream is one of the first horror movies to truly grasp the viewers full attention with comedy,action, and pure fear at times.

The film stars Drew Barrymore,Neve Cambpell,David Arquette, and Courtney Cox.

The film also features Henry Winkler,Rose McGowen,Matthew Lillard, and Jamie Kennedy.

Scream is about a small tight knit group of friends and a terrified community, who are being terrorized by a killer, named Ghostface,


Nev Cambpell plays title character Sidney Prescott, who’s mom was murdered the previous year. She is being stalked by a killer who has been picking off teenagers left and right. The killer is merciless and has an affinity for scary movie trivia. The film refers to multiple horror tropes and films like Halloween,Nightmare on Elm street, as well as many more. The film is constantly referring to facts about movies and the reason the cops can’t find the killer is because they do not watch enough scary movies, such as Prom Night. The rules of scary movies are stated in Scream, such as “Virgins never die, son’t have sex,no drinking or smoking,and never ever say I will be right back.”  Stated by Jamie Kennedy’s character Randy , who happens to be my favorite kid in the film. he works at a film rental store and is obsessed with horror films and trivia.


This is an amazing film. One of the best horror films of all time. The dialog is so great between the kids in school. They play off each other so well. At times you truly forget you are watching a ,movie and you are engorged in the lives of the victims and kids.Scream revived horror for me and set the bar high for years to come. Wes Craven is a genius when it comes to scares and kills. The film is actually based of a real event about the Gainesville rapist. Scream is infamous for spawning three sequels and many real life copy cat killers came about.

Scream holds up wonderfully still to this day. I found myself screaming at the television for the kids to watch out and why arew you going that way. Scream has very memorable kills such as the garage kill.

over all 8/10. Go out and watch this, it’s on Netflix streaming.

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