31 days of Halloween day 1-Tusk- A comedy that will scare the shit out of you

tusk poster

Kevin Smith,The Human Centipede, and a walrus all walk into a bar in Canada. This is what I would describe as Tusk. Kevin Smith’s newest comedy/horror flick. It stars Justin Long,Micheal Parks, Haley Joel Osment, and even has a cameo by Johnny Depp as an absurd Canadian detective.

Tusk at first glance is a comedy about a pod caster, not that different from what Smith is doing these days. Long and Osment have a podcast called the ” Not- See” party and they do a ridiculous set about people who are dumb on the internet. Long has found a kid in Canada who has cut off his own leg with a sword. Long ends up going to Canada to have him on the show. Things don’t go as planned for Long and his show. He ends up joining up with a odd ball Micheal Parks and is in for one hell of a ride into what could only be called madness which could only be thought up by Kevin Smith. Long is then transformed into more than just man, he will become a monster but what lies in store for Justin Long is crazier than I can describe or give proper credit to Smith for this great Horror comedy.

Tusk turned out to be way better than I thought. I went into it on Smith’s brand alone and expected a funny movie akin to his other films. What we are given is greatness and pure comedy gold. I loved every second of the film. I would give it a 8/10 easily. Long is great in yet another stellar performance. A few of the best parts are of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s Daughters performances as two “clerks” at a Canadian convenience store. Long makes hilarious but racial jokes towards our favorite northern neighbors.

clerks canada

Smith has planned Tusk as a trilogy called the True North trilogy. Tusk being the first, Yoga Hosers, and Moose Jaws. Yoga hosers will star Depp’s and Smith’s daughters reprising their roles in an action horror film and Moose Jaws described by Smith as Jaws but with a moose.

yoga hosers

I will watch anything by Kevin Smith on any day of the week. I think he is a great director and can make gold out of any situation as long as he can deliver dialog that no other director aside from Tarantino could write. the real star of the film is Micheal parks. His Serial Killer is crazy,funny,and smart all at the same time. His monologues are outrageous and terrifying all the same.

micheal parks

Another one of the best parts in Justin longs girlfriend Genesis Rodriguez. She delivers a touching monologue that can be argued the best acting in the movie. 


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