idiocracy- A review of the future

Idiocracy is a scary look into our future if Mike Judge or any of his fans have anything to say or to do with the next 500 years or so.

The film is about a completely average man, named Joe Beavers, who is frozen by the military along with a random prostitute. This experiment is meant only for 100 days but ends up lasting almost 500 years. Luke Wilson wakes up and realizes this world has become stupid and he is the smartest man in the world. This dystopia has water fountains that have Gatorade instead of water, fud ruckers that are now named Butt fuckers, and Carls Jr. reigns supreme! Natural selection has evolved man to a point of pure stupidity.

The film shows a fun and scary look into the not so near future. Mike Judge has a great success record with satire and humor in general. Luke Wilson is generally great in this film and actually pretty funny. My favorite scene is near the beginning and involves Justin Long in a cameo spot.

idiocracy photo

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