Mad Max- Review

George Miller’s Australian indie hit changed the world of cinema forever by introducing us to Mr. Mel Gibson. Gibson plays police officer Max Rockatasky. The film takes place,” A few years from now.” as the film states at the beginning.

mad max dvd

Max chases down a member of one of the motor cycle gangs that roam the desolate landscape in the dsytopian future. The future of mad max’s world is plagued by low fuel and bike gangs.

Mad Max is a mix of genres and doesn’t pigeon hole itself into any one film genre. The film still holds up for a fun look at what people thought the future might hold. The future of Mad Max reminds me of A Clockwork Orange.

Mad Max has some vicious car chases and crashes. The villainous gang members and their leader Toecutter brutally kill Max’s wife and son. This sets max off into a rage that we will continue to see over the next few movies.

mad max poster

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