The Spectacular Now


 I had the pleasure of watching this film over the long break this weekend.The Spectacular Now is a rom com, of sorts, that is directed by James Ponsoldt. The basic premise of the film is about a senior in highschool, living in the now and not realizing it; by not making plans for the future he is hurting himself and the others he loves. Miles Teller, stars as Sutter Keely, the teen in question, who lives a life devoted only to his self-love and selfish tendencies. The film also stars Shaliene Woodley, as Aimee Finecky; a plain girl  who has been passed over by most of the highschool world, and we find out she is overlooked by her mother too a mail woman making her daughter run mail routes.

    At one point we see  Sutter, who is drunk yet again and he is passed out in some random yard. He is awaken by Aimee, a fellow classmate, and he realizes his car is missing. She decides to give him a ride around the neighborhood to find his missing car. They instantly have chemistry, and her shy demeanor is offset by his extreme charm and allure. They strike up a friendship and she starts tutoring him in math. All the while, Sutter is still trying to get back with his ex, who we see at the first of the film dumping Sutter. He takes Aimee to her first party and gets her to drink for the first time. He finds out that she has never had a boyfriend, She has also never kissed a boy. Sutter makes the move and kisses her. While intoxicated, Sutter asks Aimee to the prom, making the young girl’s dreams come true. As the school year continues, Sutter and Aimee’s relationship grows stronger by the day. She has begun drinking regularly after a flask was given to her by Sutter, at their prom, as a gift.

    Rifts between both children and their mothers start a bet between the two to stand up to them. Aimee wants to go Philadelphia and Sutter wants to find out information on his father that his mother is withholding. Aimee stands up to her mother and says she is quitting the route and going to college in Philly. She does that expecting Sutter to hold up to his end of the bet. He finds out where his father is from his sister. Sutter and Aimee visit the father, played by Kyle Chandler. Sutter is starstruck, to say the least. They both go to a bar with him and drink, a bit too much. The whole time he is paying little attention to them and is distracted by less important things like alcohol and girls. He eventually stands them up, and this, fueled by the beer, sends Sutter into a rage that results in him and Aimee fighting. They get into a bad car wreck, Aimee is left injured and she forgives him.

Kyle Chandler

  His life starts falling apart, from quitting his job to drinking even more heavily. Aimee ends up going to Philly after Sutter stands her up. He ends up realizing his shortcomings and applies for college to help clean up his life. Hoping to win back Aimme’s love and trust, he Travels to Philly with her jacket she left with him.

    The film cuts off right after they make eye contact.The Spectacular Now was great! I give it a four out of five. I really enjoy these films that are comedies, yet have the harsh realities of everyday life. They are funny and sad at the same time. The film really has good insight on how most of us felt in high school. How we have to squeeze every bit of fun into the last few years of high school because we will soon be adults. I recommend this touching comedy to any and all fans of heart warming tales of youth, and even those just of film in general.

3/5- Justin

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