Whiplash- review

IMG_0405-2There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job. This is Whiplash.

Whiplash is without a doubt one of this years best films to have come out. Whiplash is the exciting and at times terrifying struggle for greatness and a teacher who can push his student to capture that greatness , but at what cost.
Miles Teller plays a young man in college who plays the drums. He is caught off guard by a teacher while playing around on the drum kit and impresses him.
Miles teller and J.K Simmons are cast as teacher and student.
J.k Simmons plays Terence fletcher who is a hard nose, foul mouthed, and tough as nails conductor. He is a total badass. He treats miles teller terrible and at times becomes more beast than man.IMG_0407
J.k Simmons won best supporting actor 2014 for his role in whip lash. I can see why. He is one if the best characters I have ever watched in film. He is terrifying and awe inspiring at the same time.
Whiplash needs to be watched. It may have the performance of the last year by any actor in it. I recommend it for anyone. The films is one of the best from last year and is now out on DVD and blu ray! I give whiplash a 9/10

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