The Counselor review

Ridley Scott’s drama thriller The Counselor stars Micheal Fassbendor,Cameron Diaz,Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt ,And Javier Bardem.


The Counselor is  written by American western/horror writer Cormac McCarthy and it shows. The film is often bleak and has very little moments of joy or happiness


The Counselor is, at heart a thriller. It is fast paced and always has you on your edge of the seat .

The movie starts with Micheal Fassbendor,The counselor, is a nameless man only known by his title as the counselor.


He meets with his girlfriend Penelope Cruz and asks her to marry him. The film switches to the counselor in Amsterdam meeting with Javier Bardem, a drug king pen and business partners with Fassbendor. He is informed of a drug deal that has a 4000 percent profit margin and is in. You meet Bardem’s girlfriend played by Cameron Diaz.. She is a wild chick, who has a cheetah tattoo on her back.


Fassbendor meets up with a mutual partner played by Brad Pitt who fills in the details of the drug deal. He informs the counselor about the Mexican Cartel and how brutal they are.He tells in detail about a torture device named the bolita, that slips over someones head and slowly chokes them to death and cuts their artery and sprays blood all over the killer.


The counselor meets up with a client in for murder who’s son is in the cartel. Counselor bails him out and he is then murdered by Diaz and company and the whole drug deal goes to shit. Pitt then describe a type of snuff video that the cartel does to their murder victims.

The film does not end well for anyone, without giving to much away I will say that it has a few parts  that I have never seen before in film.

First there is a part where a man cuts off another man’s head while he is riding a motor cycle going 200 miles an hour with a wire stretched across a road. It is brutal and a first  in film for all I know.


Second, Javier Bardem describes an experience with Diaz’s character where she has sex with his car. Describing her and climbing on the windshield  and well you know…

Still from The Counsellor, the new film from director Ridley Scott

Everything goes wrong in this movie, just like many of McCarthy’s novels. I really enjoyed the film.

My Mvp is Micheal Fassbendor. His laid back and mostly cool in the face of danger consular with no name is just awesome and helps not to detain from the overall story with an overbearing main character in a true McCarthy style.


The OMG moment is definitely the ending but without spoilers the next omg part is Cameron Diaz and that car.

Cameron Diaz - The Counselor_3 (1)


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