Guy Richie’s Snatch

Guy Richie is to the British what Quentin Tarantino is for Americans. He makes insane films films that like the aforementioned Tarantino.

His master piece is Snatch. Snatch came out in 2000 and features Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, and a whole gang of Richie’s constant collaborators.The film is, to say the least amazing.  It hold the test pf time 15 years later and should be watched by anyone who enjoys films and some great editing.


The basic idea of Snatch lies with gangsters trying to steal an eighty four carrot diamond that is being passed around from one gangster crew to the next. This parallels another narrative that involves Statham running a bookie venue and operating an illegal boxing operation. This is where brad Pitt factors into the fold. He plays Mickey a “Pikey” or a gypsy who is barely understandable while speaking with a rough English dialect. He is a bare knuckle boxer and the Gypsy champ. He is recruited to box for Statham. The plot becomes more and more entangled as the movie works towards a ending with all parties involved more connected than one would think.

Snatch is polished with quick cuts, a score that intensifies the movie with every beat to match the chaotic pace and action, and an interweaving narrative that rivals pulp fiction.

Snatch is great. I would recommend it to anyone. Its a movie that has a great cast,Guy Richie’s amazing direction, and dialog that rivals many Tarantino and Kevin Smith monologues.


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