Fifty Shades of Grey-Review

I watched an early showing last night at my local theater of the book phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey. The film comes right before Valentines day so there will be a massive out pour of people coming to see it. I can see Fifty shades breaking some records.

The film is adapted from a massively popular book by the same name wrote by E.L James, directed by Sam Taylor- Johnson, and starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

The film is about a young man named Christian Grey who just so happens to be a multi billionaire who falls for a young girl who is filling in for a sick friend to do an interview with Mr. Grey. The young girl Anastasia Steele is homely and extremely plain. The film does do a good job of making her out to be somewhat unattractive, even though later in the film she is quite attractive. The film has the big controversy just as the books do with its sexual content. The big draw of the fifty shades series is that Mr. Grey is into very rough and dominant sex. He becomes transfixed with young Anastasia, who is completely blind to his world and a virgin.

mr and mrs grey

The two become lovers and must deal with this problem of Mr Grey’s sexual appetite. The book is known for the many different sexual activities in Mr. Grey’s so called red room of pain. This is where the movie I felt lacked substance. The film although showing nudity and many sexy scenes, rarely showed much of the aforementioned B.D.S.M. The film was fairly mild for today’s standards. He does use rope,ties,and anything else to tie young Anastasia up to the bed or ceiling even , so ladies and gents  stock up at your local hardware supply store supplies are limited.

ana fifty

The film overall was not too appealing to me. Fifty Shades of Grey lacked much substance and even a story. I felt like they had to have left out way too much of the books plot. Mr. grey is a very shallow character who is brooding at times and we have no reason why. He never goes into detail about his troubled past enough for us to even care about his character or his problems. The best character is Anastasia,played by Dakota Johnson in one of her only roles. She did a fine job and I definitely can see her in more roles to come. The film actually was genuinely funny at times with many laughs to go with its steamy plot. I’m hoping for a directors cut for a much better film. Possibly to fill plot holes and add more sex scenes which is the meat of the film.

Fifty Shades although funny at times, seemed like a skeleton of a movie and was lacking way too much detail into plot or even conflict. The film was boring at times and very repetitive for a two hour long movie.

I give Fifty shades of Grey a 5/10 for it’s humor and a few characters who stole the show.


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