Health Care 2015? NO Elysium Review!


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  A perfect society, with a not so perfect underbelly filled with crime, disease, and a hate for the wealthy upper world. These are major plot devices for most dystopian science fiction books and films.All these traits fit perfectly into Elysium, starring Matt Damon. The film centers around Earth in the not so distant future and Elysium, the perfect space colony set on a floating ring in outer space that has been designed for earth’s wealthiest population. The wealthy benefit from health pods that can heal just about any ailment or sickness, even death. The inhabitants of earth have no such luxury. Earth is where the poor now live; they can only escape this menial existence if they are citizens of Elysium.


Elysium over looking Earth.

  Matt Damon’s character works in an assembly line of sorts, putting together his own oppressors; these are robots that police the masses. He is on parole and gets it extended for just about anything against the policies of the new government on earth. He
ends up getting in an accident at work and is given a death date in five days’ time.


Matt Damonnn… from Team America world police.

The film also stars Jodie foster as a stuck up bureaucrat with no care for the people of earth.One gripe I had wit the film was lack of supporting cast.


Jodie Foster being well Jodie Foster.

 Damon has his sights set on Eylsium to get cured. He has to take on a shady job and mind jack a wealthy citizen of Elysium. He gets fitted for a heavy duty exoskeleton that gives him strength, endurance and heightened reflexes. He uses these traits and equipment to get the info and make his way up to paradise.


Acupuncture in the future, looks painful.

 I gave the film a 6/10 Elysium just did not quite do it for me. The ending is a bit cliche and predictable. Matt Damon is a shining spot in the film, his acting is great. The supporting cast is just bland not many stand out performances. I do recommend watching it if you were a fan of   Neill Blomkamp’s first movie District 9, it has the same feel and a similar message to it.


District 9, A great film if you have not seen it.


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