Compliance is directed by Craig Zobel and stars ann dowd and dreama walker.
Compliance is the almost unbelievable account of a young girl who works at a restaurant. She is put through unspeakable tortures at the hands of her boss and a unknown caller who claims to be a police officer.
Compliance was tough to watch at times. Although the film was technically a good film, but was so damn painful to watch. The acts that the girl is put through made me sick to my stomach.
The most disturbing part of the film is that everything that happens in the film is real and happened to the poor girl.
The acting is superb and hold the film together with tight performances by Ann dowd as the manager, dreama walker.
Compliance is a real study into the mind of people and their real fear of authority. The film reminds me of the Milton experiment and the Stanford prison experiment.
Over all the film is worth a watch if you can handle very disturbing films. I would give compliance a 7/10.

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