Flight- A Review

Robert Zemekis directs Flight, Starring Denzel Washington hero pilot  and drunk , Captain Whip Whitaker.

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Flight has Denzel as Whip , captain and pilot for an unknown airlines. He has an insane weekend of partying with the flight attendant. Everything goes wrong. whip is hung over and still drunk from the night before, and has not slept at all.He is about to fly a doomed plane and become a hero.

The flight starts off terrible and Denzel flies the plane through a terrible storm and some awful turbulence. he nods off at the wheel during the flight when awakened by the co pilot who can not control the plane making a nose dive. the plane is uncontrollable. Whip is forced to attempt a landing in a field to try and save the plane and it’s passengers. The landing scene is the most intense flight scene I have seen and will make you uneasy. It is by far the best part of the film.

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Facing criminal negligence and at war with his own addiction to alcohol and cocaine.He must go against the battle of his life to prove his innocence and possibly fly again.

Flight has it’s moments where you can barely watch from the cockpit scenes in the plane  to Whip laying out a booze inflicted deep sleep. Overall I liked Flight. Denzel is always great and Zemeckis is almost as good , but he raids the Scorsese score list for a few tunes including crime favorite Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and Sympathy for the Devil in a part introducing us t John Goodman’s character who just so happen to star in Fallen with Denzel where they shared this song.

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Robert Zemeckis’s score is a bit pushy at times. Over all the film was good. I would give flight a 6/10. Definitely worth a watch

Pros- Denzel, he almost never disappoints.


Great soundtrack

Cons- not enough John Goodman.

A bit long.

Mvp- Guess, Denzel lol

OMG moment is when the plane crashes at the start. It is truly gut wrenching to watch.




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