Henry A Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry a Portrait of a serial Killer is an examination of a murderous sociopath. Henry is based of on the real serial killer Otis Lee Lucas, who claims to have killed over 300 women. The film is directed by John McNaughton and stars Micheal Rooker as Henry.

The film is one of the most disturbing movies I have watched in recent memory. Henry is a regular Joe type guy, who just so happens travels from town to town murdering as many women as he can. Henry stays with his ex- con buddy Otis, played by Tom Towles. The film opens with ominous music and multiple blood covered women, who we can only assume to be murdered by Henry.

The story takes a turn for the worse when Otis’s sister moves in from out of town. Henry begins to murder more and more while sucking Otis into the killing frenzy, after Henry murders in front of him.

Micheal Rooker’s portrayal of Henry is awe inspiring in the worst way. He is disgusting and has a lack of all moral character. The film has great acting mostly by Rooker, who I will never look at the same again after this film. It was a horrifying look into a killer’s life. The film features depraved sexual acts and murders that I thought were a bit over the top, but the film is inspired by real Life events.

I give Henry a Portrait of a Serial Killer a 6/10, mostly for the acting. The story and film were fine but I can’t see many people enjoying this film. It is a grotesque and disturbing film that holds up against any killer film.



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