The Raid Redemption


Iko Uwasis is a bad man. He is the star of one of the brutal and hardest movies I have seen in recent history.


I had seen Iko in only one other martial arts movie before. Menratau, which also happens to be by the same director as the Raid, Gareth edwards. These movies use the martial arts of Silat. Which is just a bad ass fighting style, which is a very technical and film savvy art of fighting.


The raid is like many other martial art films in which it has very little story, the story in this film is there just not nearly as griping as the blood lust you have going on from the hundreds of bodies hitting the floor by way of bullet or fists.

The basic story is a group of swat officers are going to raid a tower apartment building where a ruthless and bloodthirsty landlord lives.  A rookie cop named Rama is played by Iko. The story progresses level by level with the action and blood increasing as the floor goes up.

Needless to say that this movies action level is at 11! It was the most fun I have had watching a martial arts film since Flashpoint, which is insane.

There is a scene with Rama and his brother Mad dog fighting another dude in a meat cooler that will blow your mind.

My recommendation is to watch this now.

4/5, Story is decent enough to keep you interested while the fights are not happening and a sequel is out as well as talks of a third to complete the trilogy.

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