Sharknado- Midnight Movie Review

The latest Midnight Movie  is one I have been meaning to watch for awhile. The cult classic in the making, which has already gardener a huge following online is the Sci-Fi original Shaknado.


Shaknado is just what it sounds like. Pure Ridiculousness. The film is as the title imply is a  massive hurricane hits California bringing on tornadoes over the ocean filled with sharks.It hits the coast of California to wreck havoc on the stupid people who keep surfing and trying to fight sharks with bats and weapons.

The film is actually not all that bad. It is fairly funny at times and extremely comical with its violence and some of the fight scenes are amazing. At one point the characters fly a helicopter above the tornadoes and drop bombs into the eye of the storm to kill the sharks.


Sharknado stars washed up and rarely seen teen queen of past years Tara Reid and s slew of other young attractive stars who are bikini clad for our enjoyment,


Overall the film is totally worth watching at least once. The film is just fun to watch with no expectations going into the film except that it is awesome. Sharknado reminds me of all the zombie movies I love. with the raiding of a warehouse full of weapons the characters find gas containers,chainsaws, and guns.

Sharknado trailer (Screengrab)

I have to recommend this to people who love the fun B-rated films and need a good film to watch to blow over some time.

I give Sharknado a 6/10, not the worst movie to watch but it could have been better- Justin

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