Men,Women,and Children-Review

Men,Women,and Children is the latest from Jason Reitman. It stars Adam Sandler,Jennifer Garner,J.K Simmons,and many more that make for a great ensemble cast.

The film is about the interconnected lives of a small group of parents and their children. Everyone in the film has problems such as one girl’s problem with her weight,another boy’s addition to porn, one girl’s dream to be a star in Hollywood. One boy played by Ansel Elgort,Previously in The Fault in our Stars, he is a boy who’s whole life and idea of life has been rocked by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot speech. He has given up football and let his father and his team down, but there’s a girl in the picture. Oh yeah and Guild Wars. His mom has left him and his dad to find a new family and it has

Adam Sandler and his wife are both having troubles in life with each other. They both start to engage in extra marital affairs while they both go on living their unhappy lives. They both seem to become happier while their son becomes more and more addicted to porn.He has become numb to the world and people his age.

Jennifer Garner plays an extremely over protective mom who tracks her daughter by her cellphone and keeps tabs on her every move online. Her daughter starts to fall for Ansel and she becomes rebellious. Her mom prints off chat logs,saves emails,and erases Facebook messages sent by her friends.

The film is a sad look into the lives of a community of teens and their families. The movie is depressing ,but has funny parts. I really enjoyed the film. It was very dark at times. The acting was top notch from all actors.

I love the emphasis of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. The speech shows how we need to live our lives in the moment because that’s all we have is a moment.


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