The Interview- Review

Finally The wait is over and all the hype can be met. Netflix has done a great service and has The Interview by Seth Rogen streaming. I was worried I would never see this film with North Korea hacking Sony. Sony had sorn off release and even digital distribution. Like I said, thank God for Netflix.

I watched the Interview the other night and it was pretty good. A solid comedy with fairly funny people. Seth Rogen is amazing in this film with James Franco being the underwhelming one this time. Franco and Rogen work for a news team who plan on traveling to N. Korea to interview the dictator of North Korea and murder him. Funny premise but somewhat offensive. Who cares! The film was hilarious. I love the parts with Kim jong un. he is hilarious in the film.

party interview

Seth Rogen has become a modern auteur, by directing,writing,and even staring in these films hes making these days.

There are parts in the film where I was laughing out loud, and others when I couldn’t believe what I was watching. No wonder North Korea hates us. This film is a fun watch all things aside. Check it out today on Netflix streaming if you have the service.

rogen naked

7/10. Check it out worth a watch maybe two if you love it.

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